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My name is John

A while back i was in charge of a controlled demolition project in London; the ground had subsided, it simply caved-in taking the front elevation of the building with it. This made the building dangerously unsafe hence the demolition. Other houses in the neighbourhood also had to be evacuated not only because of the risk of further ground movement but also to minimise public interference both with the demolition process and further surveying going on in the area.
identity  studio photography
For safety reasons and otherwise, i had to employ a security company to monitor and coordinate site access. Usually i handed over the site office to the Security Guards at the end of the day and took over again in the morning.
One morning i got to the site after the ‘change of guards’, the new guards didn’t know me and vice versa ; the gentleman walked up to me ‘hi my name is John’ he said ‘and who are you?’ i could have answered his question directly but hey why answer a man’s question directly when you can play around a little, ‘that’s what I’m hoping someone will tell me someday’ i responded, you should have seen his face, confused as a goat on a synthetic turf, how can you not know who you’re, is this some sort of midlife crisis or what?
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Keith Moon - The WHO - Who Are You
Keith Moon - The WHO - Who Are You
The question of identity is a common one, it goes on all day long; you come to your computer, you need a password, put your bank card in the ATM, it wants’ your pin number, you’re representing a company with the public, they issue you an identity card as a proof of your authenticity and so on. The constant use or question of identity is endless.
There’s so much written about the subject of identity already, i do not want to weary you with what you already know; We all know the law of identity states that an object is the same as itself; "That everything is necessarily the same with itself and different from another”.
puppet photographers  in london
I will like more to concentrate on our individuality or what you might want to call uniqueness; everyman, referring to the idiomatic man which means man or woman, is the same with himself and different from another. What always intrigues me is our uniqueness; besides our different appearances which we all can see, there’s the real me which nobody else can see unless i reveal him, the inner me controlling the outer me that all can see. An old African philosophy reefers to this inner me as the hidden puppeteer pulling the strings to control and manipulate the outer me through this big stage called life.
identity  photographers  in london
While I’m not here to argue for or against the inner or outer you, I'll like to encourage you to discover yourself; who really are you and what makes you different from all others. Your trade secret is probably hidden in your uniqueness. Journey the labyrinth into the core of yourself, chances are you’ll be amazed at your discovery.  Start today, write down twenty true statements about yourself; I’ll give you a head start, how about:
  1. My name is John
  2. I’m a human being carry on from here and discover the inner you. If you find a wild horse down there, please break him before attempting to

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Anonymous on 06 November 2010 11:36
Who am i where do i come from, where am i going; I’m still asking those questions because I’ve changed over the years, we’re changing all the time so we have to keep asking ourselves these questions as we all go in the same direction... the future –Kirk Douglas
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where am i going; I’m still asking those questions because I’ve changed over the years, we’re changing all the time so we have to keep asking ourselves these questions as we all go in t
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